Adult education for better employment Professional development and re-training of trainers, educationalists, job coaches, public servants, third sector workers to acquire new competencies to foster the social entrepreneurship among the final beneficiaries


Increase the competences of professionals working in the health and care sector and foster their professional development on providing guidance on social entrepreneurship to develop a business plan.

become entrepreneurs

Realize in practice the assessment of non-formal and informal competencies to better up their self esteem in terms of becoming entrepreneurs.


Most project products will be translated in all partner languages and will be available for free download on the project website.


The project’s results will be disseminated during and after the project period through partners’ networks.
Events, conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars but also via e-mail, on the Erasmus+ dissemination platform and by the media.

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Test Pilot training in Austria Mars 17

Test Pilot training in Austria Mars 17
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