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Last Meeting in Graz (Austria)

Last meeting held in Graz (Austria) on the occasion of the European project CA @ SE, Competence Assement and Social Entrepreneurship, for the development of training in skills and social entrepreneurship, which is part of the Erasmus + Program of the European Union.

The Ca@SE  project has two main objectives: Reduce unemployment and develop social entrepreneurship. The project began on September 1 of last year and will conclude on August 31, 2017.

Led by FormAzione Co & So Network (Italy) accredited agency of the Region of Tuscany for the development of training activity and the Province of Florence for employment orientation. It is part of the Consortium for Cooperation and Solidarity, which brings together social enterprises from the Province of Florence.

In addition, the other partners of the project participated:

-Social Cooperative IL Girasole. Scandicci, Italy.

-Bridges Programs. Glasgow, United Kingdom.

-Institut fur Talenteentwicklung GMBH, Austria.

-Izmir Governorship. Izmir, Turkey.

-Anel. Navarra Association of companies of Social Economy

In the sessions the participants discussed progress, difficulties encountered and “the need to move forward, as well as other tasks and activities”.

Specifically starting next January, the members of the group have set up a training of 32 hours for pedagogues, professionals, coaches, counselors, teachers, trainers, people working in public services and other workers related to the third sector . The objective is to equip them with the necessary skills to evaluate formal and informal skills of low-skilled people who work or want to work in the health and care sector, and who can offer guidance and assistance services for start-up companies In the social field

As explained by ANEL, “creating social enterprises, through the evaluation of formal and informal skills and offering advice or guidance on how to launch social enterprises could be a good option to promote employability.”

In March 2017, “we traveled to Glasgow to participate in an intensive five-day training with the objective of the subsequent implementation of a social entrepreneurship consulting office,” he explains. “The project will have its final finish in Pamplona in June.”

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