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Our main aim is to establish career guidance-desks and ongoing support with trained staff in the field of social entrepreneurship, addressed to low-skilled and low-qualified people, also after the project end on a long-term basis.
Therefore, we will make the models and tools developed during the project’s lifetime usable, reproducible and useful at European level for professionals, educationalists, public and private organizations of training and education, associations, employment agencies, etc. To meet this goal, most project products will be translated in all partner languages and will be available for free download on the project website. This website, together with the e-learning platform, will be linked to the project partners’ website as well. Like this also other organizations and staff can benefit from our products.
The career guidance desks will be maintained for at least 1 year after the project end, in order to provide a continuous support to low-skilled and low-qualified people in the white job sector. With this action we will reach a wider range of our final beneficiaries. Moreover, one year after the project end an evaluation will take place in all partner organizations, in order to see the impact of the project on the final beneficiaries, i.e. if those low-qualified people who received support from our guidance desks succeeded to start-up their business.
As most of the partners are specialized in providing training opportunities, they will continue to carry out the CA@SE training course also after to project end. Like this a wide range of educationalists, job coaches, public servants and third sector workers will be trained on how to provide guidance on business start-up to low-qualified people. The desk will be implemented in every organization involved as a permanent reference point.
Furthermore, the project’s results will be disseminated during and after the project period through partners’ networks during events, conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars but also via e-mail, on the Erasmus+ dissemination platform and by the media. This will increase partner organisations’ reputation and expertise and the awareness on the topic of the project at local, regional and national level.